Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's 5 Mei 2013. PRU13.

The life we had now, 

isnt built with just a click of the finger. 
Bloods, sweats, tears and words of the leaders helped us going thru all this, well of coz, with our support and sacrifice too. 

Did u ever wonder? 
Life we had now. If there is a change, would it better?
Or we all will have to start all over again? Zero start? 
Well, u have the power to decide it urself. 

Changes might be good, PERHAPS. But i tell ya, what if it goes the other way?? 

What if something went wrong??

Well, we the citizen will only blame others(leaders) like we always do. 

But we forgot, we made the desicion. ;) 

Choose between drastic changes that is for now, is only manifesto. 
Or choose to believe in them and help Malaysia to be a better nation. ;)

I've done my part today. 

How about you ? 
Dont stay at home staying this and that when ur not contributing for ur country. xD SHALLOM. xD

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