Tuesday, July 23, 2013

my EX. her story, and our STORY:')

Here's one story about my EX and my previous relationship.

That none of u gurls or boys know about.

My Ex.

My Ex, Shes the best girl I ever had in my life.

It's a nearly 5 years of relationship.

And she has thought  me a lot. She educates me of life.

I was childish. She was matured. And be both covers up each others back for years.


There r fights, but they say, fights sweeten relationships.

There r fights, and she always back off losing cuz she doesnt wanna hurt me more.

4 years! Its 4 years then there comes the insecurity, I failed.

I fall down hard and failed, perhaps I hurt her feelings too much that, one day. We both, just stopped where she gives up and disappeared.. It was MY FAULT.

They say

sorry doesnt mean anything when ur already at the end of the tunnel.

But all I hope is, for lights to be there at the end of this tunnel.

IM NOT GIVING UP. I dont give up easily. For the sake of by God i truly loves u and will always loves u. I will hold on even if I am alone. And continue waiting. I will always be.

Dear boys out there, when women feels insecurity. Thats where u had to come up with something solid and keep them stay close to you. And dear girls out there, u dont have to worry even if ur boy is childish or un-serius.

Because those un-serius and childish doesnt define how much they love you. Dont end up like me. ;) and keep on holding to the 'healthy' relationship. ;) cuz unhealthy relationships. Doesn't last a minute even. :)

And dear EX, most of people, they'll their ex with full hatred level, and so perhaps u too hates me so much.

But noe this, the moment I say I love you, the moment I say ill be with you thru thick n thin, thru bloods and sweats, till the moment we separated, my love for u only grew thicker day by day. :')

Be us against the World, im not worried at all.

Cuz God knows y and how much do i love u, and even when ther is a slightest chance that we could be together again.

I'd rather die trying to get u back.

I love u. N will always love u :') ALWAYS iffah, ALWAYS.

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