Tuesday, November 5, 2013

it's been awhile. now it's AORC.

hello, hi u ols.
aha, it's been awhile since i last did my post here,

weeewwww. well, im back now. i actually just moved into a new department, Allianze Outoor Recreation Centre or simply addressed as AORC. it's one of our university's centre of excellence. it's a centre where we provide and manage camps, or any outdoor or recreations activities under our university's name. u name it, kayaking, paintball, jungle trekking, abseilling, bla bla bla bla. 

well, i was too busy with camps for the last 2-3 months, training those doctor's to be. worry not me friends. for i shall show u some of the pictures to make it clearer. haha.. 

it's me doing waterfall abseilling. weeew. i tell u, it's tiring.

that red shirt girl is my colleague. nmpk je kecik nyah. lgi lasak dri aku. haha 
the latest camp was 2 weeks ago. in BTN Ulu Kenas. i'll just show one picture, xD gmbaq hat mcm stail sikit.

me in the middle.
mcm tgh marah org kan. stai dak stai dak? haha. boss aku tgh usha panas je tu.
hakuna matata my friends, hakuna matata. i'm sure gonna post more about my centre, and lotsa, lotsa pictures later on my next coming posts. byk lagi tk upload ni. gmbaq paintball, n etc etc. :)

For the those who never went to any camps or activities regarding outdoor an recreational activities, don't state 'NO, I hate camps and the activities' or ask ' What's the significant of doing this and that activities?' just yet. Because before u do any of them, we already did, n we r the first experiments and the test subjects before we let u guys do. :) there is reason for everything. it's how u apply them that determine the values n knowledge that u learn from the activities.

and before i end my speech. what ever u do, u do it in the name of God The Almighty, and SAFETY FIRST. ;D till next time. 

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