Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SHE, the one that i will love.

Ssup! :) here is a bit sharing about someone i really like and i hope that someday she'll notice me. :) While reading this post, please do listen to your most faveret slow song if u wanna get the best feeling of this post as i did while typing this. Well, i listened to Adele's Make You Feel My Love. ;D

But first of all, let me explain what is love in my own belief n opinion. Love? What is love?

Love is a pure feeling towards someone of ur diff gender. A feeling that makes u runs on adrenaline so much that u dont feel tired looking at her/him even for years. A feeling that combines all the other emotional feelings together.

Ever heard of i love u but i hate u? Or, love is painful but yet beautiful? Or, u can kill me a thousand times, but ill still keep loving you? Or the infamous of it all, u jump i jump. ;D

Okeh. LOVE! Wew. I got thrilled typing that word even, u see, i had a girl before, da one who i'd say, KILL me with ur own hand and i'd die smiling at u just because I FRICKING LOVE YOU :') but i did so many wrong doings. And God decide to pull her away. Maybe forever, maybe for a while, who knows?  He decides everything. We follows and believes. Thats our duty as His servant. :D

Well, i'll do a post for her later on. Now im talking about someone i like and might potentially be da one i will LOVE. :D i have dat zing a zing feeling towards her. Haha. Okay then.

Love doesnt require money in the list of must have to love someone, because with love, eventually everything will come to u with efforts. ;D

And love is the catalyst for all of that. :3

Dear someone,
Honey, look, we haven't meet, we haven't talk we haven't have dinner together, but wanna tell u something about me. U see, a man like me have noting to offer, I am not good, i do a lot of mistakes. I hurt people's feelings. I did a lot of sins.
But noe this. I may not have much to offer, i don't have money, i dont have treasures in my house, u can peek inside my bank accounts even, there's noting inside. But for you. Ill try my hard n best, just so i can make u smile. Just so i can make u happy, i may not be ur princes of charming that u were waiting for but if u give me the chance to prove myself. I'll go out blood and sweats. Just for a smile from u. :) i am a normal human being, a man trying to stand up back from a broken life for a woman who once i love the most. But i still havent give up on love yet, cuz i trust God want me to give my best to find one, with His blessing. All i want is a woman, who could love me more than my previou girl does. Who will go down n up thru this circling life with me. Thru thick n thin, thru sweats n bloods, thru tears n cries, thru sadness n smiles. Let me be the one who made u happy. Let me be the one who will wipes ur tears when u cries, and let me be the reason of ur smiles and happiness, just, give me the chance and Let me be ur man. Ameen. :) Love rules the rules n regulations of a human being.

Credit to Khaleda Omar's cousin, Hanis. ;D Happy Day.

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