Tuesday, July 23, 2013

forgive, forget, apologize, and MOVE ON.

An APOLOGY is an expression or guilt over having said or done SOMETHING that is acknowledged to be HURTFUL or damaging, and this requires FORGIVENESS from someone that you HURT. :) dudududdu...!

Du Du Du Du. hello guys.. yerpp. today im gonna share a bit dose of that 3 words above. 

But 1st of all, APOLOGIZING doesn't mean that you are wrong, sometimes, apologizing shows how much you values the relationship you have with that other person more than your EGO. :D

When you hurt someone, apologize directly, but with one condition, ONLY and ONLY when you really means it. OKAYH??  If you don't believe in me, then try this, hurt someone, make blurred faces and apologize. Will that person forgive you truly ? :D

So guys, when u ask for a forgiveness, ask for it honestly, when u forgive someone, forgive wholly, and after u forgive or apologize. DO please FORGET of what made u and that person fights off. :D 

Forgiving is painful , apologizing is hard, forgetting is impossible, But keeping it inside u, eats u alive. :)
Make what wrongs as pasts, that will make u BETTER, not BITTER. ^^, 

and don't forget to smile. :) bye2

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